090324 + Guts!

090324 + Up sat @ the desk all day... Rushed out to drop D off @ a friends & J to Karate. Ran around post w/ G, made some calls, picked up some pizzas. Picked D up after karate and had our pizza at home. Today was the sale of GmaH's farm land; Mom called and said it went very well, better than expected. After dinner we ran out and went around the bike path and played a bit. J is doing really good on his bike and D had a HUGE crash. He got his side scraped up and some girls laughed at him. He was mad at them and want to kick them in the head for being so mean, it hurt! We got the boys in, cleaned up, the pic is of G trying to take his shirt off without raising his arms to expose his ribs, because daddy always gets his guts! Back down stairs for some coloring and watched the Obama-nation speech and then got them to bed. L&I watched some of that ridiculous Dancing with the starts show... then I started to update this blog that I have neglected for nearly a month... Sorry readers, been too busy. But now we are all caught up and I will try to keep up!