061024 - Relief

061024 - Up early and everyone ready. Gma Farmer walked Howdy to school, then we took Jack to school; he had a bit of a melt down... L, G & I to Children's Hospital to get his kidneys scanned. G did good, didn't even cry. The tech said everything looked normal as did the resident Dr. We need to get the same news from G's pediatrician... Home and GmaW & J back from school, he had a good day! Did stuff around the house and the cable guy showed up. He installed my digital box with the High Def channels... WOW!!! I ran off to look at a house and get some groceries, GmaW & D went to the toy store and karate. Had a call from Mexico, things are still mess... Good to hear from them though. Jack helped me set the table; we are waiting for D & GmaW to come home for dinner.