061007 - Howdy's 1st OSU game

0610070 - Up early everyone ready. It was hard wating all morning... Howdy and I hit the road about 1:30 parked at the Ohio State Fairgrounds and road the bus into the stadium. We got there about an hour early so we wento the pryamid monument in front of the horseshoe so he would know where to go if he got lost. We got a $4 bottle of water and then did some people watching. We saw a guy on a bicycle that had a electornic piano for handlebars playing buckeye songs riding around. We though Gpa Farmer would do something like that. We made our wat to our seats and I got to snap this picture of howdy looking out over the field. I got to watch the band come in, which he loved and then they did scritp Ohio! PERFECT start. He thoughthtat was pretty cool. I had taken my monocular and he spent much of the game looking at the players he knew, keeping score and playing with his army guys. The people around us complimented im on how well he did for such a long event. He really liked it! Thanks Gma & pa Farmer!