051231 - Holiday Fun

051231 - Saturday, Up had some bfast, clnd up and then to the barn. Loughman's over to play. Jack helped Grampy Farmer feed with the tractor. Howdy, Katie & Jake played in the hay. Everyone up to the house for more playing, lunch and playing. Good to see famIly and friends! Everyonr rested and then off to the indoor waterpark to bring in the new year! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

051230 - Friday, Videoed 1/2 the contents of the house, changed the smoke detector batteries and then headed up to the farm. Opened presents and then took jack to see the Christmas lights at the fairgrounds. Set up flat screen for Dad.Stayed up late watching 'Sling Blade' w/ Dad.

051229 + Thursday, Took the car into the shop to get serviced, Boys and I dropped things off at 'Got Stuff' to sell on e-bay. Had dinner then ran some errands: Target, Dicks, the employ the dumbest asses... Home frustrated...

051228 - Wednesday, L & the boys to her friends to play. I took several calls and got my hair cut. To McDonalds playplace for dinner.

051227 + Tuesday, Howdy and I to see 'Zathura'.

051226 - Monday,Grama & Grampa B stopped by for a visit. L & I finished cleaning out the house. We watched 'Polar Express'. I stayed up and got all my year end stuff done.

051225 - Sunday, Merry Christmas!! Boys up early: Jack only wanted to eat candy, Dylan tore into it... Pretty great christmas, not excessive, everybody got something they liked. Jack, & now I, are sick and took a big Christmas nap. Worked out good, gave Lori time to build all the stuff so I didn't have too :-D