051220 - Last of the Christmas shopping

051220 - Home - Jack and I out finishing up the Christmas shopping. We left the house at 6pm and got home at 9:30... we went to a couple of toy stores... We sang songs and looked at the lights. Work - Nice slow day. Wrapping up the year, winding down....

051219 - WORK - Slow day. Did some work, took some calls. Organizing the SUN stuff for work to be done by the end of the week. No real word on how the INOV8 discussions went. Little pissed that I am not more involved. Taking things slow, getting things organized to clean up last year and start a new one.

HOME - Good day. L took howdy and Jack to story time and then to see santa. After work I played dino attack with the boys, I put a t-rex puppet on my hand and chase them around, they love it. finised cleaning out the playroom, making room for santa to visit in a couple of days. Put the electric blanket on. L not feeling to good. Talked to Max today, his sternum is becoming more stable, still can't watch shows that are too funny.