051221 - Sick House

051221 - Wednesday - Judy Kidd stopped over for dinner. As we watched 'Blue collar comedy', Howdy began to scream... He had gotten sick in bed. I was up with him until 05:30, he got sick all night.

051222 - Thursday - Howdy on the couch all day. Jackwas really bored... Howdy perked up this evening and we watched some Christmas shows. Up late doing year end stuff.

051223 + Friday - Fast day at work. Got all my PCs archived and synced today. Howdy & I to see 'Narnia' in the afternoon, very good show. Home and all played. I stayed up late wrapping gifts.

051224 - Saturday, Christmas eve day - Jack woke up sick today, I stayed with him while L& Howdy went to Nicole's, and then met up with M&D Winger for church. Howdy is singing tonight. We will all eat when they get home and then off to bed so Santa can stop by (pic is of sick Jack on Christmas eve).