20240124 - 102!

20240124 - Woken this morning by L crying. Her lovely gma Lorena Kraft passed away this morning after 102 wonderful years. L headed to work, J home for the day. I took a call and locked in our gas and electric rates for another 3 years. Then I took Hazel to vet for her annual physical. She sat tight to me, the little hits on her head shaking, she doesn’t like the vet much. But she got a Wendy’s biggie bag as a treat after left. We also stopped at the VFW on the way home and dropped off an American flag that needed retired, in a flag box one of the boys I had in my cub scout den with J.  Home did some work, G home and begged for concert tickets for tonight… I headed to the eye dr for a check up. Home, L home and she doesn’t want to go to bingo tonight. D & DGF13 stopped. L demanded he get his hair cut before the funeral. We put an order in for pizza and sent the kids to get a hair cut and pick up the food. All back to the house and we ate. G went to baseball and then to the concert. Quiet night at home, we watched ‘Freelancer’ and some of ‘The Wheel of Time’.