20160320 - Things Done

20160320 - Up in the am and getting started. Gma&paW down and took J&G to the OSU basketball game. D got home and then ran some errands with me to Lowe's to see Tom and return stuff, to Play It Again sports (no one wants any ski boots in march...), GameStop to sell games and buy one, trying to raise enough money to get his shattered iPhone screen fixed... Home hung out getting things done. D&I broke G's touch trying to replace the screen... Fell asleep in chair for 20 min then JG and Gma&paW got back from game. OSU lost but they had a great time. Took G to baseball practice, it was freezing. Home cooked hamburgers on the grill, J&D to their different youth groups and I headed into the office doing bills. Some friends stopped over to watch Walking Dead, D home to watch with us. Up til 3am doing paperwork.