20160306 - Sooner or Ladder

20160306 - UP in the am and Drew came over to help at the house today.  We loaded things up and headed to the house.  LG&I stopped at Lowe's to get some supplies on the way and then pulled up just as D was climbing a ladder, that shot out from underneath of him, dropping him suddenly towards the roof grabbing for the gutter and spinning to the paved driveway with a loud crash.  I ran to him and told him to remain still, he looked up red faced mouthing 'I can't breath' while shaking his head no.  I held him still and said you got the wind knocked out of you, give it a second, thinking in my head if he doesn't start breathing in 5 seconds we're calling the squad and trying to remember how to do a tracheotomy with my pen from the movies I watched.  I heard a small gasp and told him to relax and get some deep breaths...  he got his wind back and we laid him there having him relax and access the damage.  Soon he was up with a soar shoulder and a numb hand.  Throughout the day the feeling returned to his hand, except the tip of one of his fingers...   After all the excitement we got some painting done, light plates on window installed, and odds and ends done throughout the house.  A handyman we use stopped by and walked the house with me to get a final list of things that need done, that he will finish up for us, I am just out of steam and time...  L&G left early so L could go to her teaching partners and do grade cards.  DJ Drew and I stayed and got a ton more done, the place looks awesome.  We packed up and headed to the Golden Corral for a feast, then home to drop some tires and a refrigerator off in Doc's backyard.  Finally in and cleaned up, D felling soar but much better headed to youth group.  LJG&I relaxed and watched some TV while I worked on lists and then the guys showed up to watch the Walking Dead.  Up late at the desk getting caught up and ready for a busier than normal week getting things fixed.