20150208 + Tapped

20150208 + Up in the am and all to church, it was Scout Sunday: the lady preacher's prayers are waaay to long and J's Sunday school routinely goes 15 minutes longer than it should... sorry had to get that off my chest...

Home and D's girl friend #2 (to keep it simple I will assign a 3 letters and a number to each girlfriend the boys have: Dgf2 would be D's girlfriend #2)
 came over for the afternoon and a bunch of their frinds appeared in our backyard and migrated to our basement... I was in the office much of the day. Came out to start the black car, tap the maple trees in the backyard, for dinner and then to run the big boys to church youth group and on to my final adult Cub Scout leader meeting :-) home and the Pettit boys over to watch The Walking Dead. Then down to play Titanfall.