20140628 + Team Treat

20140628 + Up in am and to G's game, Gma&paW showed up to roast in the heat with us.  The boys played the Pirates and it was a super close great game.  We got beat in the 6th and it was hard for some of the boys to take, but it was one heck of a ball game against a bunch of bigger kids.  We took the team to Dairy Queen and everyone got a treat and had some fun.  D&I bailed out to go watch D's game.  We swung by the house to change and get Doc to follow us.  We got there for their last at bat and they lost.  2 season ended today for D&G, D's team got 4th, G's 3rd.   Home to get organized for a bit.  G&I ran to get sandwiches at Subway and we stopped at a little junk store on the way home.  all home and we had lunch w/ Gma&paW.  They hung out for a while and I got some things done in the office.  Later in the afternoon we all loaded up and headed out to see the new Transformer movie.  We ran into some friends and sat with them.  It was along but good movie.  A quick stop at the grocery and Taco Bell on the way home.  We got home, ate and then I got more done at the desk.  D got caught up on his Scout stuff.  Everyone watching baseball on TV to end the night.