20140607 - Walarus

20140607 - Up in am and to the ball fields.  D had a game early and J was the MC.  They played pretty crappy in the first game...  J played music through the break then time to play again.  They started out better but G&I had to leave and head to his game.  Gma&paW down for a baseball day.  G's game started out ok and then quickly unraveled, G's pitching was off and he was mortified and sad.  D came over to watch, they intentionally walked him :-) and D's team still won!  G's team could not turn things around and had their second loss for the year.  Home, D went with Gma&paW to look at catcher gear and I ran off to a meeting on IT to help out the school board.  Home, L&J watching TV, G asleep and I updated the game stats.  We all met back at Red Robin for a nice dinner, then back to the house for a trampoline demonstration.  Boys to bed and I worked on a handbook for scouts.