20120923 + Wandering

20120923 - Up and read the paper. L&J got groceries. L headed out with Nicole and Lena and JG&I went looking for more garage sales. Had lunch at choc fountain place.

More sales, home played catch and kickball. I went and got D from hunter's safety camp; he passed an has his card now. Then to a coaches meeting, where we argued if outfielders were aloud to stepping to the infield, and one guy wanted to advance all th base runners one base if the crossed the line from the grass to the dirt... 33 min on this subject. I sat there and thought of all the other really important stuff I wasn't getting done while this argument was taking place... Dropped a video off on the way home. Home and finished watching 'Annie' with the fam. All boys to bed, singing about 'Tomorrow' on the way, and L and I went over all the things on my todo list. She took some of them to help out, and helped me reprioritize the list.