20120903 - Monumentous

20120903 - Up in the am and DJG&I hit the road. We got bfast at McD's and then headed N to Marion. We got to Uncle Roger's and loaded up the Shop Smith, the boys explored the house a bit and Jeanne served us up a nice lunch. This Shop Smith is special as it was used by Grampa Winger (my Grandpa, the boys Great Grandpa) to fashion the cabinets in the Farmhouse kitchen. There was a receipt from 1950 in the manual. Some history there... We then headed out to the High School football field where we played some football in front o the stands. Roger had picked up Brad and we had a nice chat on the field. Then we all headed to the big cemetery next door and introduced Roger and Brad to geocaching, and dropped a travel bug. Next we searched out one of the Roadside America's items, a mysterious 1 ton granite ball on a tombstone the magically rotates while no one is looking.

It was cool. Them across the road to the tomb of President Harding.

Back on the road with a frosty for everyone and home in no time. I had a couple friends come over to help me unload and put some wheels on the Shop Smith. We tested it put and it still works! It will need some TLC, but a good tool to have and D is already making plans to make his baseball bats himself...

In for dinner and boys to bed. I headed to Bible Bangers and then home, worried about a meeting invite I got late tonight from my boss' boss... :-s