20120222 - Ski Scare

20120222 - Up in the am and at the desk all day. Boiled down some sap during the day in between calls. Headed to Mad River for the last night of skiing with D's school. Going up the lift the first time I noticed a mass of Ski Patrol around someone. I frantically looked for D and was relieved to see him on the lift a couple seats up. We skied down a couple of times and then I was called over to help out. It was a girl from D's class that had fallen off the ski lift :-o I stood by to drive the girl's sister to the hospital as she was Med-Flighted out to Children's Hospital. But her folks wanted her to stay there. I made a couple more runs, but the snow was too slushy and not safe for an old man so I hit the lodge and hung out with the other advisors. Drove back to town, got Howdy and some groceries. Home updating blog.

20120221 - UP and L working all day.  J&I to the tax lady's where J played with her dog, D&G home making videos.  J&I got lunch on the way home and then we all cleaned up garage.  We ate and then went to the hobby store with the Mallon's to get some goodies.  We stopped by Army Surplus World, the gun store and driving around looking for firebricks, with two sleepers (J&G).  Once we got home we tried to get our purchases working...  L home and I loaded the fam up for a trip to Schmidt's Sausage Haus for dinner.  It was good, but L&J didn't eat much, they are not feeling well...  Back home and everyone cleaned up watching a bit of OSU basketball, and then off to bed.  Exhausted and sore, to bed myself.