20120218 - Preperations

20110218 - Up in the am and all out. We drove through McD's to get bfast an the computers were down so the kids there were adding the totals on paper. On to get gas and a stop at the auto store to get brake pads for the black car. Finally on the road to the Farm. We got to the Farm and took a walk down to the barn to see the new bulls before heading over to Dolce's.

We got to Dolce's and the usual crew was there, but not much boiling going on because of this weird winter an very little sap so far...

We took a walk in the woods down to the swinging bridge, and then helped Leonard put in some new runs in the hoses he has running down to the sugar shack.

Back to the farm and Gma&paW & I walked around making lists of thing to get done before the Maple Syrup Day @ the Farm and other projects that need to get done. The boys played war and drove the Pug and had a good time.

Back up to the house and then to Chinatown for dinner. All back home and played some spoons before all boys to bed.