20120122 + Bibles and Football

20120122 + All up and out to church. We were only going to go to church but I talked L into going to the Sunday School class I normally go to: she did and it was a good time. We got some KFC on the way home, helped a man and his son who's car died in front of our house get started. We ate, then played Skylanders on the Wii, and then D and I headed to his school to watch the NFL game and learn about 7th grade football for next year.  We stayed for the entire game and the boys had halftime football energy burn in the gym.  After the game D&I ran to a guy's house from church to pick up a pair of skis he no longer wants that are my size :-)  Home for dinner and then we watched some of the NFC Chapionship game in the basement.

Lilly enjoys the snow.

I have no idea why L is so excited!