20120114 - Sleddin

20120114 - Up and out with boys. We hit the Army surplus store for G, Toys r us x 2 for J looking for Skylanders, and then home. We got some food and then out to the golf course hill for our first sledding session of the winter. L got to try out her new snow garb, but was still cold (all in her head ;-)
There was a lot of fighting, hitting and scream/crying, so we cut it short and headed home :-( Home and played some Skylanders on the Wii with J and then Took D to baseball practice. Later in the evening a friend and his son came over for a visit. The boys were a bit loud until D got himself sent to his room...

20120113 - Worked all day and then out with the fam. We stopped by and sang and Dropped off bday present for Jeff. Then we dropped J off at his friends bday party. One shy of a full fam we headed to Logan's for dinner. Afterward we stopped at the pet store before heading home to watch a movie.