101111 + My Day

101111 + Up and the big boys off to school and L into school for Parent Teacher conferences as the teacher. G and I hung out watching cartoons, Scooby Do, and had breakfast. Then G&I headed to the bookstore where he showed me the place to get hot chocolate and his favorite section up the escalator. Home and he kicked my butt at Wii boxing until Gma&paB showed up to save me and G started beating GpaB on the Wii while I ran and got lunch. Met up with L on the way home and we all had lunch together. Then back to the school for the Veteran's Day presentation. It was really nice and the boys always love showing off GpaB our Air Force man. I checked the big boys out of school early and we went home and hung out playing the Wii etc until we all met up with the Cole's for an awesome buffet dinner. Then LDJG&I pealed off the group and headed home. There D&I went to scouts where we had a scientist come in and wow the boys. Back home, read to J&G while D got cleaned up and then all boys to bed.
So today is the day. 11 years have now passed from the day LD&I had our car accident and I lost my right eye. I promised myself this day would always be a special day just for me to be with the ones I love and let others know they are special and just how special life itself really is. So 40 special people got a letter from me today and I know they pass it forward. Here is to getting an extra 11 years of life! And here G sums up how my day went :-)

101110 - Up early for breakfast with David and Jeff, then off to the customer.  We had a good meeting and good lunch.  Then to the airport and flew home.  Got home to an empty house, GmaW had the boys at dinner.  I had to get on the phone for a late night call.  L home from a funeral in Newcomerstown and the boys home.  I got to kiss them from my desk and everyone in bed by the time I got off the phone...