080502 - Landscaping

080503 - Up trying to get some plants and mulch around the maple. Started raining, I wasn't smart enough to quit... Got it done though. Got a bite and clnd up and took Howdy & Pickles (Jack picked that nickname for himself...) to see the 'Iron Man', great movie! Home w/ dinner: Lori finished mulching the front of the house (note to self: I need to go to movies more often). Ate, gave baths and movies in the basement.
080502 - Went and checked the Whitehall rental: not as bad as I expected. Home watched 'jason & the Argonauts' w/ all the boys. Play Star Wars w/ howdy on the Wii.
080501 - Spent 5 hrs digging an edge and cutting roots around the maple in the back yard, lots of blisters. Pettit boys stopped over to play.
080430 - Karate night, then out late w/ the family shopping & the root beer stand.
080429 - Baseball practice night. Had a late night ColdwaterREI meeting w/ Jeff, LLC signed today.
080428 - Karate night. Tim Horton's Bible banger meeting.