060805 - Dixie Stampede

060805 - Up and out early to the pool, swam all morning, Grampy Farmer took the boys in the lazy river, lost them for a minute... then got in with them. When he got out he realized he had his palm pilot in his pocket, while he was swimming... OOPS! Had lunch at the room then GMA&PA W, Howdy and I went to a mall to look for screw drivers to take the palm apart and mill around while Jack and L rested a bit. Home and got ready for the nights event, the Dixie Stampede. IT was a good show and Jack really liked it. Howdy liked all the horses but bit into a glow stick and ruined his appetite... Headed home after the show and got a little bit of swimming in before they kicked us out due to lightening in the area. Back to the room and hit the rack early as we all have to travel tomorrow.