060802 - USS North Carolina

060802 - Up nad headed to Wilmington this morning to see the USS North Carolina and some old friends. Howdy thought the Battleship was awesome but too hot. Headed to the old apartments and looked up Kathy and JT, spent about an hour cathcing up with them, not long enough... hit the road again, toured the other sites then back on the road. Got back and GMA&PA Winger arrived. We went downtown for a nice italian dinner, then hit the beach again. The boys went crazy and got soaking wet. Stoped for icecream on the way back, Howdy had a huge cone.
060801 - Up and ready then to the beach. Had a BLAST!!! The boys absolutly loved it. Howdy and I got boggy boards and rode the waves. Jack loved the shore and danced in the waves. I took a walk with the boys and they found tons of shells... One of the best things was they got to see jet fighters taking off over the ocean, roared right past us. Back home and everyone took naps. We headed to Captian Georges for dinner, lots of good food, the boys even tried crab. Swung by Webster University and saw some of the old gang and then headed to Mayday golf, that is where 6 years ago I went on my last day of school to play put-put after driving past it for 1.5 years. It was really great to play there with my family. I got t-shirts for all of us. Home and played StarWars with Rich.