20240201 - SUN

20240201 - up in the am and headed to the office in Worthington. Today is the first day since 1/22 that we have had clear and sunny skies! Worked and they Dirty Franks in for lunch. Headed out early and met G at the eye Dr his left eye is not quite 20/15 like the right eye so he is getting a contact for baseball… ran across the road and washed my blue baby. Back the the eye Dr and D was coming out from his checkup, his eyes haven’t changed. We waited and chatted for J to show up, late, and get his eyes checked, he’s still 20/20. Home a L cooking dinner, D stopped by after stopping at Kroger to get groceries and J&I replaced his drivers side head light and a daytime running light. G ran up to Olentangy to meet a girl... then drove hoe to get to his hitting practice at 8pm. He reported both things went well.