20141011 + Solo Homecoming

20141011 + Up in the am and LD&J to J's soccer game and then D's JV practice he was invited to.  G&I up and out to his semifinal game.  We only had 8 players and a younger boy we has called up and the cold morning was too much for our team to get started.  LD&J showed up to watch, D's practice was cancelled.  We lost and are now done with rec baseball for the fall :-(  :-)   Home and the boys played in the yard, L mowed and I cleaned out the garage.  We got dinner at home and then D reluctantly got all cleaned up and I took him to the dance.  I encouraged him to find some of his friends and have a good time, and leave the girl alone as he will only get a handful of opportunities to do fun things like this at school.  I gave him the out to call me at anytime and I would come get him.  Home and played Titan Fall and watched football with the boys.  11pm rolled around and no rescue call had been made.  I went to DQ to pick D up.  As he was walking to the car in his dress clothes and tie he tied himself I really didn't recognize the man waling towards me.  He got in the car and yes it was my son, a big hansom fellow that reported he has a BLAST at the dance with his friends :-)