20140419 - Dis-assembly & Dinner

20140419 - Up in the am and DJG&I headed out.  We first stopped at the Grossl's to get our extension ladder, a quick stop at the bank to meet L dealing with more fraud stuff...  then on to the location where we were to meet Scouts to remove a batting cage a guy had in his backyard.  About 8 Scouts showed up and we took down the net and then removed 6 huge 6x6 posts.  Everything down and cleaned up we delivered the posts to Mr. Emmons house and then cleaned up our tools at home.  I had to do some accounting on the fraud stuff and then we loaded up and headed to Gma&paB's.

We got there and checked in and then headed to New Philadelphia for a nice dinner at an Italian place.   Back to Gma&paB's and settled in for the night.