0121014 + Trees, Clays, Gone, Zombies

0121014 + Up and LD&G to church.  The guys came and took the big tree down, guys climbing like monkeys, D trying it with gafts I have in the shed.  They also trimmed the pear and apple tree, took down the cherry tree down over neighbors drive and in another tree they cut the dead out.  L trimmed the front pine, dogwoods and bushes out front and west side, D cleaned it right up.  D went clay pigeon shooting with Johnny, had a great time and did pretty good.  L&G to J's football game.  D home and helped clean up and fill in some holes in the yard.  I got a call the Paulette died... :-(  She was a good girl and always a lot of fun.  She really put up a good fight.  Finished off the day by cleaning out office, going to a Scout Adult meeting and then watching the Walking Dead with Chris.  Just a little busy today....  Exhausted!