090530 - J's Broken Leg

090530 - The boys were all up before me. Dylan was making them breakfast and doing very well. I got them ready to go out and about. Noticed Jack was still limping on his right leg a little so I thought we would swing by the xray shop while we were out. We hit the gas station, the dry cleaners, and Lowe's. Then a exceptionally nutritious chocolate shake and chicken nugget lunch from McD's as I was on a con call and drove to the Children's Hospital... We got there they took a couple of pictures of Jack's right leg and sure enough there is a little crack in his tibia. Good thing is that it is nearly a week old, so that means it did NOT happen after Lori left town! That is VERY important to remember :-p Jack told the Dr that it only hurts when he jumps off the playset, the Dr. looked at me like 'he's not real bright is he'... We got him an air cast that he has to wear for 2 weeks. and then met up with Gma&paW for Dylan's baseball game. They played the thoughest team in the league today and tied them. Howdy got walked once and struck out twice, but he struck out swining and had another foul tip. He'll straighten them out sooner or latter. After the game D&J snuck out and went home with Gma&paW. I went upstair with Grant and he didn't seem to mid the attention and quiet... We play a bit, ran out for bubble bath and beer and then home for a dinner on the back porch. We then played baseball on our diamond until bath time, read a stack of books and to sleep he went. I am now going to plan for tomorrow, get clnd up and get some rest myself.
090529 - Well I was up until 3am diong testing and flows for work... Lori didn't make it to Nashville until 12:30 AM, but the boys were good and had fun staying up late without mom around ;-)