090404 - 2009 Maple Syrup Day @ the Farm

090404 - 2009 Maple Syrup Day @ the Farm
I was up much of the night before the day on the phone with Mexico and Amsterdam and was able to squeeze in only about 3 hours of sleep... The boys got me up plenty early and we headed down to meet Roger that always starts day early and gets the fires going. We had bacon and eggs that Roger cooked over the fire, you can't beat it. We made final preparations and they started arriving... One by one at first, then family after family until the farm was filled with family friends, young and old. There were kids everywhere! We again this year missed those that have left us this past year and lit the fire with their spirit, as we know on this day especially they are there walking among us.
The Barn, as always, was a big hit with the kids. Howdy took a pretty good fall towards the end of the day and I heard of at least one other kid that found a hole in the barn floor, but no trips to the hospital so all is good ;-) The pony was there, some cats, plenty of cows, the creek, walnuts, smoke, hay ride, chili, hot dogs, eternal spring water, sunshine, rope swing, hay fort, tractors, big round bales, toy guns, electric fences and of course maple syrup being boiled down. There is a magic at this place. Where the kids can run free and you don't have to worry about strangers. Where you just know everything will be alright and the spring will always be running. Where generations don't matter and everyone is an expert at when the sap actually turns into the amber gold syrup.
I am sort of writing all over the place and repeating myself, but I don't really know how to document this experience we pull together and have each year??? I know we are building memories that will never fade. I know we are establishing a love for the outdoors the freedom we have the bonds of friendship and family that stand the test of time and hold us up. This is one of my favorite days of the year.

It was a bit brisk, but we had sunshine and LOADS of family and friends!
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