080704 - Happy 4th!

080704 - Another LONG night with the sick boys, Howdy is really feeling it now and Jack isn't much better. Luckily L,G & I are showing no signs... We headed out the morning to see the parade; wet but nice. I then took the fam out for errands. It worked out great: they sat in the car and watched movies while I ran into stores and got a bunch done. It forced them to sit still and rest a bit too.
Home and I cleaned out the lounge and game room while the boys played w/ Legos and watched a movie. Ran and got dinner, then Lori took D&J to the Urgent Care to have their fevers and throats looked at. Seems it is a virus going around that Grant contributed to us... Went out front to watch the fireworks, then everyone off to bed.
080703 - Good thing the kids had fun at the track last night... Jack came down in the middle of the night and hed had a fever of 103! I was up nearly all night with the poor little fella. When D got up today he was a bit hot too... Exhausted, I stumbled through the work day. Then after dinner Grant and I hit a couple stores, to get out of the sick house. While we were shopping we purchased the Lego Indiana Jones Wii game. When we got home I surprised D&J w/ the game and they managed to drag themselves off the couch to play it with me for a bit before bed. Both with high fevers...