080424 - Lunch

080424 - Here we have some interesting specimens... Hans, the Goleum looking dude, is a damn good developer w/ us. He has saved my ass many many times & loves American women. Ben, the 'hell-a-good' supporter in the middle & Lee my partner in crime. Here they are enjoying a good Chinese buffet! We have worked far too late every night this week, handing our issue off to the Almere team that has really pulled through and fixed whatever we found each night and gave us good news every morning. We are now in really great shape with probably the best organized effort I have seen thus far, and ready for whatever the customer is going to throw at us.
I have been talking to L each night and everyone is doing well. She said Howdy had a great Karate midterm and the instructors all were impressed with his progress and especially his weapons. He is exceptionally amazing w/ the nunchucks. L said she was really proud of him. Really wish I would have been there...
Now I'm in San Jose getting ready for a red-eye home, a short work day and then up to the farm to get everything set up for the maple syrup event this Saturday.