071124 - Holiday Lights

071124 - Up and the boys ate and then straight for the barn! We packed up and headed home. Stayed inside for the afternoon watchin shows, catching up on mail and relaxing. When it got dark we all bundled up and headed across the playground to watch the 2007 Gahanna Holiday Lights parade. It was much more organized than in the past and everyone loved the big Cloumbus Airport snow plow that sprayed snow on the crowd.
071123 - Up and did some stuff on the computer, the boys hit the barn. Then L&I went out and looked at cars and got caught in holiday traffic. Brought sandwiches back to the farm & had lunch with the Loughmans and then outside to shoot a BB gunn & play in the barn. Howdy & I went to Boliantz and Big Lots while the rest of the gang settled down for the afternoon and had our favorite, Chinatown, for dinner. Howdy & Jack then went w/ me to play some poker at Peg & Ray Loughmans. Home and stayed up late talking and designing a dog house w/ GpaW.