20071020 - 2nd Annual OSU Football @ Winger's and Grant's Bday

20071020 - Grant's 1st bday and our OSU Fall party!
well we had a GREAT Fall party! All in all there were 60 people in attendance counting the 5 of us. Friends old and new joined together to celebrate Grant's 1st bday and share some great hot dogs, chilli & foods and desserts of every kind. Lots of great conversation and the 22 kids that were there had a blast too playing in the big backyard, hitting the piƱata making buckeye necklaces watching the game on one of the big screens and ending the night with the Transformers.
Wow what a day! The weather was perfect & the Buckeyes won. What more could we ask for. I think everyone had fun, I know we did, because we were all exhausted and fell asleep easily.
Thanks to everyone that came a shared a wonderful day with us'