070909 - Sunday

070909 - Everyone up and out to church. D&J went early to Sunday School w/ L as she is now teaching it or doing crafts, palm reading or something like that... Church was good and then we went for lunch w/ Nicole and Rich, we went to different Bob Evans as there are 2 on the same road... But eventually we all sat at the same table. Here Dylan has parsley on his head without his knowledge :-)
Got gas and headed home. Watched 'The Princess Bride', played games & outside with a bucket (boys made a pulley thing). After dinner Howdy and I ran to Home Depot where I bought trim for the basement. When I got home and went to put the trim away I noticed that I had previously bought the exact same qty and type of trim for the job: and it was still sitting where I wanted to stack the new trim.... Not so handy, now I need to take the trim I bought tonight back... Got the boys to bed after some playroom fun and watched 'Children of Men' (C-) with L.