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20180211 + Scout Folders

20180211 + Up in the am and all to church for Scout Sunday. J&G did an excellent job with the flags and offering, D is an adult so just help organize a bit and then headed out to work. We finished church and headed home. J took off with some friends, I ran G to baseball, L hung out watching the olympics and getting things done around the house. I found 52K emails in my Google account that I worked on cleaning up so I wasn't at my data limit. I joined L&G in the living room and D&J got home. D headed back out to DGF7's and J&I ran to get dinner. Home and ate, then ran J to youth group. Eventually everyone home D&J attempted to finish the laundry for L. Up late watching the olympics.

20180202 - Good 2nd Choice

20180202 - Up in the am and everyone out at school. I worked from home today and got a ton done. L home in the afternoon and we had a lady stop by to inspect the gas line. Soon G&J got home, followed shortly by D after baseball conditioning. I finished up and we all got in the car and headed out to dinner. Our first stop had a 25 min wait so we tried a new Chinese place. It was pretty good and we didn’t have phones out so it was a nice dinner. We swung by the video store on the way home and picked up some movies. Home and we split up to watch the movies, L&G upstairs watching a Emoji movie and DJ&I headed down to watch the latest Resident Evil. After the movies we all headed to bed. 

20180120 - Spectators

20180120 - Up in the am and D already out to work at the baseball clinic. L made bfast for JG&I and then I ran G to the 2nd half of the baseball clinic. L went out to do some shopping, J took off on his scooter around the town with friends and In to the office to do some work. D&G home and D headed out to D-Bats with DGF7. G rested and I got more done. L home and LG&I headed to G's basketball game and were joined by D and DGF7. The boys played great, moved the ball , made shots and looked really good to get the W. After the game the team went to Coaches for a team party. It was a loud good time. After the party the Moros' came to our house to sit and chat until late.

20180112 + Spaghetti Phantom

20180112 + Up and in to work for a busy day. Got what I needed to done, saw Sherry off, finished up some odds and ends and headed home before the weather got bad. Gma&paW arrived, we all got changed and headed to Spaghetti Warehouse for a really nice meal. I took some pics and sent them to our friends in Holland that are there with us a year or so ago. D broke a leg off a chair.headed to Phantom of the Opera. It was a good show I had trouble hearing the words. Everyone loved it and G was memorized by it. 

It had snowed the entire time we were in the play and the roads, even 670, were awful. Took a long time to get home. We had to force GpaW to stay, way too risky to try to get to the Farm in this weather. The boys stayed up and watch an old Robinson Cruso on AMC before heading to bed late.

20171225 + Christmas Day

20171225 + G up several times throughout the night for this pain or that... Finally up for good about 7am. Got myself around and a cup of coffee and we settled in the living room to open gifts. The boys did really good this enjoying watching others open their things more than opening. We took our time and had a very nice morning and everyone seemed very happy with their gifts, L got a beautiful necklace, D got a nice bat, J got a fancy scooter and G got his Google Home and other little stuff. We got the paper and ourselves cleaned up while Lilly pranced around the backyard with her giant bone looking for a hiding spot. L got in the kitchen and started cooking and soon family started showing up. Gma&paW, Gma&paB and the Coles. We had a nice spread of food and a nice lunch. We headed down to the basement after the meal to exchange gifts. and then everyone played with their stuff for a bit before folks had to head home. We stayed up late playing with our new things and getting our Google Home set up.

20171223 + Perspective

20171223 + Up in the am and G&I out on the town. We dropped packages off at the post office and then swung by a jewelry store where we found something for L and then the hobby store for a last minute gift for J. On to Staples to get some printer paper and Steak-n Shake for a late lunch. We then swung by Dave's warehouse to get stocked back up on some items. Home and relisted things while D&DGF7 wrapped the remainder of his presents and then helped LJ&G decorate cookies.

20171203 - Christmas Pose

20171203 - Up and LJG&I headed to church, D headed to work. Home and G&I headed to D-Bats for his practice. Tom and I met with Coach Shade to get some insights on running more efficient practices. After practice we headed home and Tom, Bill and their boys joined us so we could do some work on the team, setting up GameChanger and TeamSnap and looking for tournaments for 2018. D got home and listed all of the stuff we got yesterday. The fellas left and L attempted to get a pic for the Christmas card... I dug in and helped clean up all the ebay posts D did today. D up in his room working on 'College stuff', J&G took a ride to Wendy's. Everyone home and hanging out until the guys showed up for The Walking Dead. Everyone to bed and I stayed up finishing up ebay, did a couple of shipments and looked for other stuff for sell. 

20171122 - Bird Placing

20171122 - Up in the am and at the desk knocking things out so we could get on the road. L got everyone packed up and the boys helped me get the rack on the back of the car. We got on the road about noon and I took a call that lasted almost the entire drive. We got to the Farm, unpacked and I hit the PC again working until Roger showed up with 20 pheasants. We got dressed up and headed out to seed the fields. Roger, GmaW, DJG&I walked down through the fields and put the pheasants out in various places. It wasn't miserable cold and was easier than previous years the boys are getting good at it. After we got the all set out we headed in. I did a bit more on the PC and then we headed to Jake's in Ashland for a nice dinner. Back to the Farm and we wound down the night and got to bed in good time.

20171117 - 1st All 4 Campout

20171117 - Up in the am and in to work. Morning went fast, trying to clean out open action so next week goes smooth. Home as the boys were finishing their packing for the campout, G was a bit anxious. I double checked their packs and the boys headed out. I finished getting ready and then headed to McD's to pick up some food. I got the camp out just as the Troop did and helped D set up the tent. D&I got our cots set up and then checked in on J and helped the adults get some things done. G had a blast splitting wood. After everything was done we all sat around the fire for a bit and listened to stories. This is the first time ever all the Winger boys together at a Scout campout! G&I headed out so they could tell some grownup stories. We got situated in our sleeping bags and fell asleep quickly. I only woke up about 4 times, to the hard pouring rain, I love that sound.

20171106 - 3 of a Kind

20171106 - UP in the am and the boys had no school today, L did and I had to work. I was able to work from home in am and picked DeVonn up at airport and we headed towards the office.  We met Justin for lunch and then went on to meet Mike at our offsite storage location. Finished the day in the office. D took his new gun shooting, L went to Dr. about her finger, she sliced it 3 times trying to relieve pressure, no luck so strong antibiotics. L took J&G shopping. I got home D at DGF7's and G at basketball practice. LJ&I ate and hung out until D got home to pick up J for Scouts. L ran to get G and pick up her antibiotics. All home eventually and winding down. I headed out to Bible Bangers on my own tonight, Doc not feeling well.

20170105 + Dylan Eagle Court of Honor

Up in the am and got all my paperwork done for the week. We got everything loaded and everyone ready for D's Eagle Court of Honor. Gma&paB stopped by the house before and gave him his gift, awesome Henry Golden Eagle rifle. We then headed to the church and got things set up. L had everything planned out and it looked fantastic. The ceremony started and went off without a hitch. It was a beautiful ceremony that flowed nicely and wehn D got his chance to address the crowd of people that showed up that had been a part of his life at present and in past events it really hit him. He got very emotional and I think it finally hit him how important this life milestone was... After the ceremony L had nice refreshments and snacks for folks and everything went smooth.

Home for a bit to unload the video and change and hen out for a nice dinner with Gma&paW. Home and we looked at D's new gun and the scrapbook GmaW put together for him with all the letters from famous folks and big companies from all over the country.  What a super nice day!

20171026 + 47

20171026 - UP in the am and worked the am from home. Updated my reports and had my calls, D came home for lunch during a call. I finished up my work for the morning and headed into the garage to work on the big speaker for a bit, arranging the battery replacement and fixing the extender handle. Back in the house to catch up on email and other tasks. G home for a min then back to the school. D home for a minute, got G and they went to hit at D-Bats. J home, L home: man this is a busy place around 3pm... LJ&I headed out to pick up the car, the new illegal tint is on. J&I took the car and swung by the cable company to get a cable box for this weekend. We then dropped off a video on the way to Home Depot where J tested every color of spray paint they had and I gathered other supplies. Home and L cleaning up the backyard, D&J doing homework. I fixed the speaker with the new supplies, L had a fun time with a door to door salesman, G home from baseball practice and we all loaded up and went to El Vaquero for dinner. We had a good meal and good discussions. Home and started setting up the garage, took a break to open presents: D gave me a wallet tool, sort of like the one he got confiscated at the Statue of Liberty and a very nice card, J got me nuttin, G gave me some of his M&M's and a $5 bill he got for his bday. All boys to bed. Up late watching TV, G came down and was sick so ended up on the couch, we watched a video on the new iPhoneX that is coming out at 3am. I set my alarm for 3am and attempted to get an iPhoneX when it went off. 

20171014 + Homecoming 2017

20171014 + Up late and to the desk to get organized, L out shopping and picking up G, D put the big tent up and J went to a scooter park with his buddy Conor. All home and Gma&paB showed up to give G some of his presents and help us try and burn out some bees that live under the trampoline and make final prep for the big party tomorrow. Gma&paW showed up and G got more presents. D got all cleaned up and headed out for Homecoming. L, GmaB and Gma&paW met D at the park where they got photos of all the kids going to Homecoming, they look great! D, DGF7 and their friends went to El Vaquero for dinner and then to the dance. Everyone back to our hose for a bit, we watched some of the Buckeye game on TV before everyone headed out. LJG&I headed to the basement to watch the rest of the game. Up late working on Google Voice config.

20171008 - College Baseball, Broken Weld, Last Crush

20171008 - Up way to early and headed to Wright State with D for a Baseball prospect camp. L&G headed to G's double header, J hung out at home, busted his newly welded handlebars, until Gma&paW picked him up to take him to a play in Dayton my cousin Lara was in. D did really well in pretty every much every area and the coach pulled him aside to get his name. D played 2nd, Short and 1st (never played 1st before but did fine). D&I ran to Waffle House for a bite before heading home. D talked a lot, he thought he did well and seems to really like the college. L reported G lost the first game but had a great second game, got a single, store all the way around, even stole home sliding head first to score with his team picking him up in celebration as it was their last game of the season and they won. D&I got home and L&G were there. We hung out and watched TV and got Chinese food. J Gma&paW showed up with doughnuts and we all talked about our days and the cool things we did. L to bed, the boys don't have school tomorrow so D&G headed to the basement to watch the Indians in the playoffs, J&I on our PCs watching Supernatural.

20171003 + ACT Score Drop

20171003 + Up in the am and did some manual labor out of the gate this morning. Into the conference room for some email and calls. Finished up the day a couple min early trying to make it to J's final CC meet as an 8th grader, and missed it... damn Columbus traffic! Since I missed the meet but was in New Albany so swung past the video store and picked up a couple movies. Home and D and his buddies were riding around the back yard tearing up our grass with the rejuvenated go-kart. We had left over on the porch and talked to D's friends about their plans for next year. In to watch the xXx: Return of Xander Cage.

201170930 + Running, Hitting and Tackling

201170930 + Up in the am and LJ&GmaB to J's CC meet in Pickerington. D headed out to his baseball game and I ran to pick up G from his sleep over and head to D's game. D's team was playing well, G just sat tired in the chair. L reported that J ran an 11:53! L&GmaB showed up at D's game. D's team won so that means they play tomorrow.

Home and L&GmaB headed out to do some shopping, D&G got ready to head up to the farm, J went out to eat with some friends and I got the car washed at the Gahanna Swim Team car wash day and got a haircut. Home and D&G gone, L left to go to her room and change the decorations to the October theme. J home doing his chores and I am at the PC on the back porch trying to keep ahead of the curve. J had a couple of buddies come over and  headed back to the school. L got home and we headed back to watch some of Brady's game, it was COLD. We watched a bit and then headed home to watch the Buckeye game. I ordered some pizzas and L picked them up. We watched the game and had dinner, The game was boring so I got a lot of things done. J and his buddies played the xbox and we got some pics from D&G at the Indians game. They had a good time, a bit cold, but fun. They made it back to the farm and D and his buddy Chad were up late working on an old go-kart I had bought the boys years ago.

20190927 - 3AM emails

20190927 - Up and into work for a full day.  L was with J at his CC meet, he ran 12.44. I headed to D's baseball game and they were doing great tonight, chatting up having a blast. Home and up late doing email with Netfix on until 3am.

20170926 - Dark Walk

20170926 - Up in the am and spent the day programming. Headed home and met L&G at the ballfield to watch D's game, they lost. Oh the way home I stopped to get some beer and realized I had lost my sunglasses so back to field for a dark walk but found them! Home, home we all ate, boys cleaned up, to bed early very tired, but up late programming.

20170923 - Delivery Man

20170923 - Up in the am and L headed to IN with Tiff to buy stuff. D was at his buddy's all night. G&I dropped J off at his soccer practice and headed to Staples to get stuff for work and PetSmart to get food for Lilly. We picked J up after his practice and headed home. Home and G barely carried the HUGE bag of dog food into the garage. J got changed and his buddy Conor came over to get him and they went to a skate park in Canal Winchester. G&I were watching the OSU game and were hungry so ordered some food to be delivered. We then cut out a new leg for the little picnic table and our food arrived delivered by D! We had a nice meal on the back porch watching the game. G called a bunch of buddies, but they were busy so no play dated for G. I headed in to the office to pay bills. J home and back out to his buddy Conor's. L home and doing laundry. Out of the office and to the back porch to watch some more football update the blog and work on college financial aid stuff. Tom stopped over to get some baseball scoring sheets and D&G headed back to the fields early to do some fielding.

D home to work on the mower. The McClains parked at our place and we walked back for G’s game, he was playing Brady tonight. G had a good game, pitched well, but they still lost. Home and D got the mower put back together and said it worked! Everyone came back to our place to hang out for a bit before calling it a night. J had Conor spend the night. All to bed in good time.

20170920 - D Hits a Tripple

20170920 - Up slowly in the am and in to work. We had a customer onsite today and my morning was very busy. L&D took a trip to Wright State for a college visit today. I got done working and headed home. I stopped to pick up my new glasses frames on the way.  Had a quick beerr and headed back to G's game. It was a train wreck from the get-go so watched only enough to turn my stomach and headed to D's game. D's team was losing to a younger team when I got there. They pulled together, D hit a triple and cleared the bases to give his team the lead. They held the lead the rest of the game and we headed home.